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Encased in hardened white plastoid armor, these Imperial shock troops neutralize resistance to the New Order and are totally loyal to the Emperor even in the face of certain death. Used as first-strike forces, they cannot be bribed or blackmailed.

Stormtroopers live in a totally-disciplined environment and are militaristic to the core.

In addition to regular stormtroopers the Empire maintains a number of units specialized for various environments mission profiles. Among these units are snowtroopers, or cold-assault troopers, who wear lighter armor equipped with powerful heating and personal environment control units, terrain-grip boots and face-shielding breathing masks.

Scout troopers, very lightly armored for mobility, are usually assigned to Imperial garrisons. They use speeder bikes to patrol perimeters, perform reconnaissance missions and scout enemy locations.

The standard stormtrooper suit of body armor can adapt to all but the most extreme climatic conditions, and various gear accessories and backpacks are issued to support operations in environments such as open sand or jungle. Field units may wear shoulder pauldrons as high-visibility rank indicators.